Palette for People with Diabetes

comprehensive meal composition

Palette provides you with the complete meal composition of all of your meals, accurate to the gram. Palette also allows you to create nutrition facts for custom recipes, and easily share them, along with other foods, to your entire family.

glucose monitoring

Not only do we accurately and conveniently track your nutritional intake, we also time synchronize that information with your blood glucose levels, so you have the contextual data for any spikes and dips in blood glucose.

other real-life data

Palette tracks your other real-life data including sleep, stress, and exercise all within the sleek, easy to use application. Palette App also syncs your information to and from Apple Health.


Keep up with your medications and office visits with Palette’s Reminders feature that will tell you when to take your pills and see your physician.

behavior insight

With this data, Palette is able to provide you and your physician with complete behavioral insight. This includes deriving personal glycemic responses and providing your endocrinologist with the means for intelligent insulin strategy.

data integration

Palette sends all of the data it collects directly to your physician in a private and secure server that is HIPAA compliant so your physicians can know your health status as you progress.